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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Revolution 2.8: Family and Faulty Experiment

A powerful family-dynamic on Revolution 2.8 tonight, in which Rachel comes to terms with her father - that is, moves from professing to not care what happens to him to wanting to save him from the pseudo-patriots - while Major Tom back East learns the truth about how his captive's husband really feels about her.

We also get a good flashback retrospective of Dr. Horn, which gives us context as to how and why he's torturing Aaron.   As is often the case with these sorts of quietly sicko people, Horn's reasons go beyond just patriotism.

But the logic of the experimentation on Aaron is somewhat lacking.  Horn demonstrates that Aaron's nanites have the power to heal Aaron, even when Aaron is drugged - semi-sedated - to keep him from burning anyone up.  Ok - but then, why don't these nanites have the power to rouse Aaron from his semi-sedation, apply themselves to the wound in his mind, so to speak, so he can bring into the play the fire against his tormentor, Horn?  That may not have occurred to Horn, because after all he's here to learn about Aaron, but it should occur to anyone who's been following the storyline this season.

And then there's the other side of this - Horn giving Aaron a stimulant, so Horn can goad Aaron into getting some fire going.   Horn does leave the room - to be safe from the fire - but how can Horn be sure that Aaron's powers don't extend to the next room?  He hasn't exactly mapped out all of Aaron's powers as yet, and certainly not their range - because, again, that's what he's here in this small, unstable Texas town to investigate.

RevolutionIt was good to see Monroe kill a few more people, and Rachel's father do the right thing.   But, as a science fiction story, Revolution needs to pay a little more attention to the logical consequences of the intriguing phenomena it has set in motion.

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