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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Homeland 3.6: Further Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, another Homeland tonight - 3.6 - in which pretty much everything goes from bad to worse for our major characters.  This comes after last week's surprise that the Senator who was persecuting Carrie expects to be appointed head of the CIA - that is, not Saul.

Tonight we find that the repulsive Dar Adal seems to be cooperating with Senator Lockhart to Saul's detriment.  It occurs to me that possibly, just possibly, Adal may be double-agenting Lockhart and actually working on Saul's behalf.  We do see the two of them talking.  But as is always the case with good double-agenting situations, we just can't be sure.

Saul's personal life, however, is clearly going downhill, as Saul's wife clearly indicates that someone other than Saul makes her laugh - never a good sign for a marriage, where one of the spouses is gravitas and brooding par excellence.  How can this end well for Saul?  Maybe he gets together somehow with Carrie?  Not impossible - but, if anything, Peter's a more likely prospect for that.

Carrie is obsessing that she's pregnant - a per the title of the episode, "Still Positive".  By whom - Brody?  That works with the last time they slept together at least two months ago.  So, she's been obsessing about this for a month - the number of pregnant results indeed suggest she's been doing this for a while.  What's next, with Brody still out of the picture.

Brody being nowhere to be seen - beyond the one episode in South America where we saw him several weeks ago - is one of the vexing aspects of this season.   I'm almost hoping that Dana is involved in some sort of complex plan to find him, and that's why she changed her name.

So the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper as our characters struggle to find some footing.   At least the CIA has the Iranian second-in-command of intelligence in hand now - but, again, not before he is able to brutally murder two women.

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