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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Good Wife 6.11: Kalinda for Cary

The Good Wife was back last night with a roaring good episode - typical for this superb season - and a resolution, for Cary at least, of his legal nightmare story.

The resolution was a sweet piece of work.   On the verge of being shipped off to prison, after several close calls of having his sentence reversed, negated, or whatever they call it, Cary in fact is set free in a breathless and satisfying moment. Except - at what price?  Kalinda, not seeing any other way to help Cary, has done something illegal, which ironically proves not necessary.  So, Cary is freed but Kalinda is now vulnerable - and the cop she's framed has an expression on his face that says he's not likely to let this slide.

Meanwhile, we also get a delightful set piece of Alicia honing her debate skills with a variety of flawed and fine partners including Peter.  This signals that the campaign is pretty far along, and it will be fun to see if it's all settled this season.   The best part of that whole story last night is Alicia suddenly kissing her campaign manager, because she's just overflowing with joy about Cary's release. An important lesson here: women don't always kiss you because they like you, or want to sleep with you - sometimes it's an expression of something else that has little to do with you.

Last night was also one of the best we've seen on The Good Wife for a while for Diane, whose outrage over what was happening to Cary in the courtroom was admirable.  She's had less to do on the series this season than usual, and it's good to see her arguing with her unique blend of logic and emotion.

The Good Wife continues to redefine itself, almost with every episode now, and I'm looking forward to more.

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