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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Banshee 3.2: Women in Charge

Well, Banshee was back in its top, inimitable form in episode 3.2 last night, with women putting men in place in a variety of excellent scenes, including

  • Rebecca starting the shootout with Kai's competitors because she didn't like the disrespect they were showing her and her uncle
  • Nola kicking the creep's ass - the creep who was bothering Carrie - and instructing him not to talk about her own ass
  • Rebecca, again, almost holding her own when the two tribesmen came to take her (and Kai) on Chayton's orders.  The goons just do manage to get the better of her, but not to worry, Burton takes care of them with little effort.
So, at this point, Kai, Burton, and Rebecca are clearly superior to what Chayton has thrown against them,  but this doesn't include Nola, and Clayton himself, in actual combat.

Meanwhile, we get at least two fine lines regarding Hood.   The first is from Job, who complains that Hood's sheriff work is getting the in the way of his real work, which would be planning and executing superior heists.   This is an important comment, because it reminds us, lest we forget, that Hood is not and was never really law enforcement.  And yet, he spends a lot of time and energy on the sheriff job. Speaking of which,  the second line comes from Hood himself, when he sarcastically asks if he looks like the kind of man who knows what's good for him.  He clearly doesn't, and that one line is clearly the story of his life.  Being sheriff isn't especially good for him, and yet he repeatedly finds himself unable to resist doing that work with the badge.

We also got better introduced to the fourth corner of Banshee this season - in addition to Hood and law enforcement in Banshee (1), Kai and his family and operation (2), and Chayton, Nola, and company (3) - that 4th being the quasi military unit led by Carrie's now former lover.   In case we didn't already know, this guy is as brutal as the worst or best of them on Banshee, and his operation is the target of the heist that Job was complaining about.

Good stuff all around, this second episode was reassuringly very edgy, and I'll see you next week.

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