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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Banshee 3.3: Burton vs. Nola

The promo for Banshee 3.3 told and showed us we'd be seeing Burton vs. Nola, and the episode delivered splendidly on this promise, with one of the best one-on-one battles not only in Banshee but in anything I've seen on television over the years.  Indeed, the battle reminded me of Bond vs. Grant in From Russia with Love, still my favorite all-time one-on-one in a contemporary cinematic fight.

The gravity and stakes of the fight are announced by Nola, when she tells Burton not only what she's going to do to him, but then to Kai and Rebecca.   She starts off with a big advantage, an axe in the shoulder, sucker thrown at Burton.  Was this deliberate on Nola's part - did she deliberately not want to kill him with the axe blade, because she relished the subsequent fight? - or was that just where the blade landed?   In any case, it wasn't enough to stop Burton, and when he says in sotto voce, "I don't think so," about what Nola says she will do to him, Kai, and Rebecca, the battle is on.

I wasn't surprised that Burton won, any more than I was that Bond beat Grant.   Nola was an extraordinary fighter, but Burton is something else and more, a killing machine without equal on Banshee.   I'd include Chayton in that - who, impressive as he is, was beaten decisively last season.   In any case, Burton continues to be one of my favorite characters in all of television.

It was good to see the Jason Hood story continued and maybe wrapped up last night, too.  One of the strengths of Banshee is the way it gets back to loose ends from previous seasons, and wrenchingly ties or tries to tie them up.   I was glad to see that Lucas spared the new FBI guy, who promises to be an interestingly unpredictable character.

And speaking of interesting characters, Emily Lotus is quickly moving into the number one position in that category this season.   She not only has a relationship with Brock, but is quick to comfort Kai, and Burton, who is not used to a woman's soft touch on his shoulder.   All of this is good foundation for some violate possibilities.

See you next week!

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