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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Banshee 3.4: Burton and Rebecca

I'm a little late with my review of Banshee 3.4 - sorry - because I've been binge watching Sons of Anarchy.   The two shows actually have lot in common, both mainly taking place, as they do, in fictional small towns which seem to attract every kind miscreant and bad guy in the book.  An episode 3.4 of Banshee even had a biker.

But the main action in the episode took place in three other theaters.

Siobhan knows the truth about Hood.  Will she turn him in?   Unless the series were to undergo a change of brain, this of course can't happen.   Nor can Hood leave Banshee, as he tells Job, Carrie, and Dava he will, because that would also totally change the show.  So when Siobhan says she won't out him at the end, that's no surprise.  And we can also rest assured that something will happen between her demand that Hood resign and his resigning - which indeed happens at the very end with Chayton attacking the sheriff's headquarters.  Still, the scenes between Hood and Dava, and Hood and Carrie, were powerful.   But I just hope Hood's continuing as the law in Banshee isn't made possible by Siobhan dying as a result of Chayton's attack.

Chayton's understandably upset about the reversals his people and plans have been taking of late, most lately at the hands of Burton and Rebecca, in the best scene of the hour.  The expressions on their two faces as she accelerates the car, not to mention that Burton's now willing to work with her, are just priceless.   Will be fun to see where that goes from here.

The other big fight of the evening, between Proctor and Hood, I don't know what to say about.  But I will.  First, Hood's motivation is not completely clear.  He thinks he's leaving town, and he views Proctor as the main threat to the people he loves, so he wants to get him behind bars?   Seems a little forced as a motive.  And in the fight, it takes Hood about to wield a hammer to Proctor's head to win? That certainly doesn't feature Hood at his best, but maybe that's the point.

Back to Samcro, and I'll be back here next Friday with a review of the next episode of Banshee, which promises to be even more explosive than usual.

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