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Friday, January 2, 2015

The State of my Short Fiction at the Start of 2015

Hey, I don't talk enough about my short fiction, which I enjoy writing every bit as much as my novels.   But it's been percolating along with publications the past few years, so I thought I'd provide a little summary of what's been going on and what will be happening in 2015:

  • "Ian, George, and George" is the most recent story I've had published in Analog (December 2013).   It's the 3rd story in the "Ian's Ions and Eons" time travel series, and the 14th published in Analog over all.  I expect to be getting all of these up as Kindle ebooks this year.  I've already started with my 1997 novella,  Loose Ends, nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and Sturgeon Awards.
  • "The Chronology Protection Case," first published in Analog in September 1995, was reprinted for the fifth time in The Mammoth Book of Time Travel (July 2013), a best seller on Amazon. The novelette was the basis of The Chronology Protection Case short film made by Jay Kensinger in 2002, recut with a new extended ending in 2013.  You can also read it free on Wattpad.    It's being used again in 2015 as reading in an enlightened class at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
  • "Extra Credit" was published in BuzzMag - where it's available free of charge - in July 2012.  It was reprinted in December 2014 in the Altered States cyberpunk anthology, for which I also had the pleasure of writing the Introduction.  And it will be reprinted again, in Chinese translation by He Daokuan, in The Essential Levinson, 2nd edition, to be published in China in 2015 by Remnin Press.
  • "Synchronicity" was published in Buzzy Mag, where it's available free of charge, in May 2014.
  • "Sam's Requests" - the strangest story I've ever written - will be published in Buzzy Mag in a just a few days - January 9, 2015.  You've heard of space opera?  I consider this space rock 'n' roll, literally.   Mark your calendars.
  • "The Wallet" - science fiction based on something that actually happened to me - will be published in the Sci Phi Journal early this year (likely February, in issue #4).  Here's what an earlier issue of this magazine at the intersection of science fiction and philosophy looked like.
  • "The Kyss" will appear around Valentine's Day in Speculative St. Valentine's Day Drabbles, edited by Jorge Salgado-Reyes and Roy C. Booth, the same guys who put together Altered States.  At 100 words, "The Kyss" will be the shortest story I've ever had published - not that I believe in short kisses, but a "drabble" is supposed to be just 100 words.
  • "The Last Train to Margaretville" is the first "shared world" story I've written.  It will likely be the last, because even though I loved writing it, I still like writing more in worlds of my total creation.   It was published in the Walk the Fire 2 antho edited and conceived by John Mierau in December 2013.  You can hear me do a reading of it here.
  • And to end on a charitable note: I contributed two new stories, "Transfer of Power" and "The Chimps Shall Lead," to Something to Read, published in December 2014, a special charity anthology edited by Stella Wilkinson,  for which all proceeds go to a children's hospital in England.   Why England?  I do the like country and that's where the invitation came from.   Happy to do the same for an American charity, or for that matter, any charity on this or any other planet.
So that's the long of it about my short fiction, for now.  I'll try to keep this page updated, or maybe make these summaries a yearly thing.  Hey, I still love the long form, too - and below are six of my novels you can get in a heartbeat on Amazon.

thanks to Joel Iskowitz for illustrating the six above covers
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