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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Masters of Sex 3.2: The Shah, the Baby, and the Book

Well, you couldn't ask for better timing.  A week after the deal is announced that will stop Iran's development of nuclear weapons, we get episode 3.2 of Masters of Sex which features Masters treating the Shah and his wife for fertility problems back in the 1960s.

That treatment was not successful, but, as we discovered in last week's episode, Johnson is pregnant. Not with Masters' baby - as far as we know - but with George's, her ex-husband's.  The episode plays nicely with George as the father of Johnson's baby, and Masters as the co-creator of something wonderful with Johnson, their book.

In fact, this analogy is the focus of what Masters tells Johnson shortly before her delivery, when she worries about her lack of mothering ability. You and I produced a baby, our book, and look how good that came out, Masters tells her.   This analogy affords Masters the chance to be as decent and caring as ever we've seen him so far with Johnson.

And when Johnson has the baby, Masters has decency to leave the waiting room to George.  And he goes - to the bookstore with its display of his and Johnson's book, their baby, which he no doubt thinks will live forever, as do most authors about their work.

And here we are proving him right, in 2015, as we watch this Showtime series, based on Thomas Maier's book.   Well, 2015 is a lot less than forever, but it's still a long way from the 1960s, and the book and the story of Masters and Johnson certainly survived their lifetimes.

As for the Shah, he didn't.  Nor did his regime, which he sought to safeguard by producing an heir.   But what really beat his short dynasty in the end was not a baby or lack of, but a book.  The Koran. The power of the book indeed.

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