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Monday, July 20, 2015

Ray Donovan 3.2: Beat-downs

The ending of Ray Donovan 3.2 last night says it all: Ray's attempt to get Carl to take the check and wrap up this situation that Ray has been called in to fix ends in a beat-down - of Ray.

No one was holding Ray's arms behind his back.  No one had a gun on Ray or his loved ones.  It was just Ray and Carl.  And although Carl, a Navy SEAL, obviously is in good shape, in previous seasons Ray at least would have put a fight, done something in his own defense even if he restrained himself from hurting Carl, rather than just absorbing three blows including the last one, which was lights out for Ray.

As was clear last week in the season debut, Ray is without moorings.  He would have done and been much better to go home and have dinner with Abby and his family, instead of opting out with the result that the fine dinner went to Abby's appreciative new dog.

And it was, alas, a night for beat-downs for the Donovans.  Although Terry in prison manages to dish out as good as he gets and get the upper hand, he's still left in pretty bad shape after the re-match. And Bunchy, no surprise, gets psychologically whipped in the gym by the female fighter he's coveting.

Even Mickey, who had some moments in the sun last week, gets dissed by the call-girls he's trying to help.  But, kudos again to Jon Voight, whose performance as Mickey is just superb.

With the Donovans now on the losing end of just about every situation, and Ray, in particular, with no staff except for Lena, who's considering an offer to go over to Avi, we'll just have to wait for a break-out occasion, which I hope will come soon.

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