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Friday, July 3, 2015

Falling Skies 5.1: Still Worthy of Viewing

Falling Skies was back last Sunday for its 5th and final season.  I'm only somewhat sorry that the series will be concluding, since the story itself has been falling in the past few seasons, in addition to the skies.  Still, the alien invasion narrative has some power.

The most interesting feature in this new season is Tom, who comes back to our people imbued with all kinds of impressive powers, including knowing something of the future, and markers to tell which is best course of action to defeat what's left of the enemy on Earth.

Tom also returns with a fighting spirit - a zest to exterminate the bad aliens - also imbued by the masterful, good aliens.  The question remains, as it always does with Tom, is whether these new characteristics change him to the point where he's no longer himself, perhaps no longer human, and whether those changes will be worth the presumed ultimate victory over the bad aliens that the changes will likely bring.

Otherwise, Hal and Ben still both love Margaret, who explains to Hal, after he professes his love for her, that, yes, she does love him, but she also has feelings for Ben that neither she nor Hal can hope to control.   That's, of course, because they both now share an alien spine, which they need to be alive. That being the case, it's hard to see how Hal can prevail.

It was good to see our people do well against the bad aliens in this first new episode, though, which raises the question of how far that success can go.  Even aside from Tom losing something of his humanity as the price to be paid for such success, it's hard to imagine all of our people surviving - and, indeed, an Earth totally free from baneful alien presence.

Which makes this final season of Falling Skies especially worthy of viewing.

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