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Monday, July 13, 2015

True Detective 2.4: Shoot-out

Well, True Detective 2.4 featured quite an extended, brilliant, fast ballet of violence last night, in a shoot-out that was a veritable Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and one of the best I've ever seen on television.

Each of our three major police were in action, and in fine form, outgunned and brave, and it was fun to see what each of them did and how they reacted.

Paul was probably the best shot, and standing tall and cool at the end as he put his gun back in his holster.   His coolness was especially notable, given what he had been through earlier in the day, waking up in bed after a gay one-night stand, finding he got his girl friend pregnant, and proposing to her and professing his love as he struggled with what had happened the night before and what that meant about who he was.

Ray broke down and cried after the shoot-out, stunned by all the bodies around him, cops and innocent people - including a bus driver he and Paul couldn't save - as well as the bad guys.   Unlike Paul, Ray wears his heart on the sleeve of his plain clothes.   He's also world-wise, and gives Paul some good advice as they drive before the shoot-out begins.

Ani's a fearsome warrior, cursing as she runs, shoots, and dodges bullets, and ready to use her knife against assailants with automatic weapons if all else fails.  The very last scene, with all three of them standing amidst the bodies and rubble, was a sight to behold - for us in the audience, that is, not the authorities, who you just know are not going to be very happy about this.

Meanwhile, Frank is not too far away, he hears the explosion, and tells his wife to go for cover and safety. But the point of True Detective is that is no place is safe, never was, never will be, and that's what makes the series so appealing.

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