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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rectify 3.2: Daniel and Amantha

Saw Rectify 3.2 last night, thanks to Sundance having up on On Demand. My only regret is I wish the whole new season were up there right now.

Daniel and Amantha are so good together, I almost wish they weren't brother and sister and could be a proper - or improper - couple.  Not only do their names almost rhyme, but when they converse, their back-and-forth is a kind of poetry, and certainly brings out the wit and best of Daniel.  Amantha talks about losing weight - not eating, not eating, not eating, then binging, in self reproach - and Daniel responds in that low-key voice of his, "seems to be working".

Putting them together for a while in under the same roof - Amantha's - was a great idea, and gives us all sorts of possibilities for learning more about both of them.   Of the women now in Daniel's life - his mother, Tawney, Amantha - Amantha is surely the best, and the most interesting and original.

We also get a nice serving of Daniel's de facto time travel from the past to the present, in a little exchange him and Amantha, who's looking for her phone because she's late and needs to know the time.  This makes no sense, of course, to Daniel, who comes from a time, not that long ago, in which phones and watches or clocks were two very different things.

Teddy continues to be the most irritating character, and as such a perfect counter-weight to Daniel. At this point, the sum total of Teddy's role in the story is his literal embodiment of the results of Daniel losing it and lashing out.  I'd be happy if that thorn in our impression of Daniel would be the one that was being removed from the narrative at the end of the month, instead of Daniel.

But neither is likely to happen, and that's all to the good of this minute-by-minute story, in which none of our characters even seem to know as yet about what happened to the state senator in 3.1, last week on television, just hours ago in the tick-tock of Daniel's life.

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