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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Affair 2.3: The Half-Wolf

A superb episode of The Affair tonight - 2.3, featuring Noah and Alison, and a standalone story in Alison's half-hour about Robert's half-wolf Pete, who in many ways captures perfectly the spirit of the narrative.

Pete is half-wild, runs away from home, and kills a bunch of innocent chickens.   Yvonne, who never liked Pete in the first place, wants Robert to do something about this problem - and Robert offers to kill the half-wolf.

With Alison by his side, Robert levels his rifle at Pete.  But you just knew Robert couldn't kill this animal, with paws in two worlds, civilized and wild.  That's because that situation - civilized and wild - is as good a characterization as we might want of Noah and Alison's story.   They're tied together by a love, still illicit according to the rules of society, but as true as can be.
Noah tells Alison he's been happier in the past six weeks than ever before in his life, and she feels the same.   Robert's firing at the sky rather than at Pete must confirm for her in some profound way that what she is doing with Noah is right, and all the shots being fired at them will miss in the end, too.

Meanwhile, we learn some further details about our characters new and old in this episode, too. Yvonne is not Noah's publisher - she's just a friend of Noah's editor, and she likes hosting an author a year in her guest house.   Her hostility towards Pete, the way she tries to dominate Robert, makes her another woman-as-villain in this story, along with Helen's mother, and even Helen herself, though she seemed a little more sympathetic in her own half hour last week.  The men in this series are no angels either, to be sure, but the women have a special nasty edge.

With the exception of Alison, who, while no push-over, has a winning heart.  She's good for Noah now, and standing by him in the future.  Which brings us back to the question of who killed Scotty. Based on what Noah said tonight, I think we can be pretty sure that he didn't hit and run.  But then who? The only thing we can be completely sure of at this point is that it wasn't Pete.

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