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Friday, October 30, 2015

Heroes Reborn 1.7: Time Travel and Twins

An outstanding Heroes Reborn 1.7  last night - the 13-episode series has now really come into its own - in which Noah meets himself via time travel, and we meet Claire's twin babies.

Unfortunately, Claire dies in childbirth (of a heart attack, we're told) - an event with Hiro, now fully back in the story, is unwilling to stop via a little more travel to the past, because it could/would result in far worse consequences.  For the same reason, Hiro won't stop that horrendous June day in Odessa, Texas, either.

By the way, as side-note, it's interesting that Hayden Panettiere, who played Claire on Heroes and now Juliette in Nashville, has encountered serious life-and-death problems in having babies.  With any luck, she'll eventually surmount these challenges on Nashville.  In Heroes Reborn, she doesn't, and all we see of her in 1.7 is her trademarked hair.   We're also left with some intriguing questions including who is the father of her babies, where is he now, and why didn't she regenerate after her heart attack (a question Noah asks, which wasn't really answered).

The big payoff of the episode - the first of a two-part mini-narrative in the series - is that the twin babies - fraternal, not identical, and a boy and a girl - are none other than Tommy (Nathan) and Malina, who we've come to know in the year after Odessa, as they begin to manifest their powers, sorely needed to save the world.   Lots of nice connections revealed, including that the nurse who helped in the hospital with the twins has been Tommy's mother.   We also learn what got Luke and Joanne on their evo-killing rampage - they no doubt blame the evos for whatever happened to their son - and it's good to see Mohinder and Angela back in the story, too.

Time travel is very a trick business, as I often say.   It's difficult indeed to tie together all the twisted loops that travel to the past and future engender.   But, so far, Noah's running into himself, and Hiro's resistance to any change which can result in even worse consequences than those he's seeking to change, have worked in a pretty tight story.  Yes, what happened in Texas was terrible.  But if saving the world is at stake, and Hiro has seen how any changes in Texas might hinder that ultimate effort, Heroes Reborn is on pretty strong, logical ground.

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