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Monday, October 19, 2015

Homeland 5.3: Carrie and Kerry

Well, we now know for sure in Homeland 5.3 what we should have known for sure anyway - no way Quinn would have killed Carrie, whoever gave the encrypted order.

But this raises another question - might Saul have given the order after all, knowing that Quinn would never kill Carrie, but figuring that the best way of bringing her in would be to get Quinn to go after her?   And did Quinn understand this all along?  Could be ... but if I had to bet, I'd still say someone other than Saul gave the kill command.

Meanwhile, speaking of Saul, it was good to see him in bed with the CIA woman, but this lends a little more credence to her being the source of the order.   She rummaged through Saul's notes or apps when he was sleeping, and found out how to give the command.   Maybe - I'm still not convinced that she's the one, either.

I liked how Carrie tried to use her bi-polar powers to figure out what was going on in this episode.  As always, the question is whether she really figured it out, or overshot the solution in her state.  In the past, she's usually been right.   But there's always a first time for errors.

It is notable, even in this digital day and age, how Carrie does her most inspired thinking with pictures on the wall and floor.   Hacking is supreme, everywhere, accept for Carrie, where it may be taking second place to what she can do in her mind.

And speaking of hacking and leaks, I had the pleasure of seeing Edward Snowden via Google Hangout at Bard College on Friday.   His philosophic depth and insistence that individual conscience can sometimes take precedence over law was inspiring, and highlights the clanging superficiality of John Kerry's denunciation of Snowden as a "coward" that Homeland has seen fit to work into the opening montage of every episode.  Maybe that's Homeland's way of being critical of Kerry - but just saying.

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