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Friday, October 2, 2015

Heroes Reborn 1.3: Carly Fiorina meets Steve Jobs

Heroes Reborn continues to roll out nicely in episode 1.2, and its focus on Molly Walker as the secret weapon the  Renautas baddies are using to locate and likely kill if they can all of our surviving heroes.

Molly was an appealing character as a child in the original series.   She promises to be even more so as a woman in Reborn, now being used vehemently against her will.   My favorites in Heroes have always been characters with meta-powers - that is, characters whose powers are applied to other heroes.

Molly's being able to pinpoint the whereabouts of anyone with heroic powers is a great two-edged sword.  Yes, it can and is being used to hunt them down, but it can also be used to warn them, if someone like HRG aka Mr. Bennett is able to wrest Molly away from Renautas.   This makes Molly and her literally heroic GPS capacity an ideal pivot point for this reborn series.

Meanwhile, apropos pivotal, one of the most enjoyable components of Heroes Reborn is the ambiguity of some of its characters.  Is Harris Prime just a bad guy?  Well, he takes down Miko  - who's one of the best characters of Reborn - but is that only in service to Renautus?   And will his Clone be exactly the same on the ethical dimension (see Orphan Black for how that can manifestly and powerfully not be the case). Meanwhile, Miko herself is ambiguous - not about her morality but her parentage.   Although her father has a name - not Hiro - Miko has Hiro's sword, and it's tempting to think that she somehow is indeed Hiro's daughter, isn't it.

But there's also some viewing pleasure in unambiguously evil villains, and Erica, CEO of Renautas and its E.P.I.C locator based on Molly's powers, fits that bill just fine.  She looked like a blend of Carly Fiorina and Steve Jobs up there on stage, and promises to be a worthy opponent of HRG.

And I'll be back here with more next week.

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