Monday, October 12, 2015

The Walking Dead 6.1: The Walking Herd

The Walking Dead was back for its sixth season last night, with a story split between the present and the past. The markers for these two narrative times was color for the present and black-and-white for the past, and Rick's face more (present) and less (past) healed, just in case you needed a little extra to get what was happening, or, I don't know, maybe for some reason you were watching in black-and-white.

Rick is back thoroughly in command and tougher than he was before he lost Lori. His main check is Morgan, who's tough too, but at least displays a little more humanity at this point than does Rick.

The object is to protect Alexandria from the potential onslaught of a fearsomely massive herd of walkers - keep them zombies rollin', in the right direction.  This may be the biggest herd we've ever seen on The Walking Dead, and echoes nicely and eerily with the smaller herd we see for the first time at the end of this first season's Fear The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead herd has been around much longer, and explains why Alexandria has been relatively safe until now - walkers who stumbled into the area were attracted to the herd not the haven.

But if something were to happen to attract the herd to the enclave - well this is what Rick must mobilize all around him to counter. I don't quite get how a herd this big would survive, without a social structure to distribute the food, but then again I guess walkers just love to eat but don't need to in order to "survive," right?

Anyway, a great set up for the new season - welcome back.

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