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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.2: Sneak Preview Review

I got my hands on a complete DVD set of the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey - it's been broadcast already in the U.K., and, for all I know, elsewhere - but not past the first episode here in the US, which was on PBS just last Sunday.   My wife and I have become inveterate binge watchers, but we decided, with Downton Abbey, as befits its wonderful 1920s ambience, to watch just one episode at time.  But, hey, we're only human, so we're going to watch, starting tonight, one episode a week at least a day or more before its broadcast on PBS.

I haven't reviewed Downton Abbey with any regularity here - in fact, only once, two years ago - and I don't intend to start doing that now.  It's liberating, once in a a while, not to review something I love, and Downton Abbey for some reason fell right into that category.

But what I will do is provide some very general, non-specific pointers to what you can expect in each episode, at least a day or two before it airs.  These won't contain spoilers per se, but if you'd rather get not even a whiff of what you'll be seeing on PBS, don't read these, or any further in this blog post.

Here are some highlights in episode 6.2:

1.  Downton Abbey episodes aren't titled, but if 6.2 was, an apt name might have been "Decorating the Servants' Quarters," or some such.   The question is whether said decoration would be suitable for the event - suitable for its principals.   Some slightly surprising emotions, but thoroughly understandable even admirable, given that event.

2. Speaking of emotions, they lead to two significant occurrences.  Someone goes missing, and a couple are leaving the show - all for the better, regarding the latter, but not easy.

3.  There's also some hope for someone who needs it.  But, as in all things Downton Abbey, and, for that matter, life itself, the hope is not certain. Still, it's very good to see,  because it's so eminently well deserved.

That it's for tomorrow night's episode.  Enjoy - and I'll be back here before next Sunday with a review of 6.3.

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