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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.4: Sneak Preview Review

Back with a review of the next episode of Downton Abbey - 6.4 - to air on PBS this Sunday.  As always with these preview reviews, I'll talk in generalities, and mention no specific people.  But if you prefer not to get even an inkling of what will be on the screen this Sunday, read on no further.

Episode 6.4 of Downton Abbey contains two medical crises - well, one medical crisis, and a brewing medical problem, which is actually at this point the worst of the two, since the medical crisis is now apparently resolved.

As I mentioned in earlier reviews, we need to take these medical issues very seriously because, given both the nature of Downton Abbey and the fact this is the farewell season, someone very important is bound to die and leave us heartbroken.   Indeed, more distressed than in previous years, because we will have no future season in which the survivors can recover and put their lives back together.

My guess is that this death may well come to an unexpected character - they are all undeserving of death - but, in the meantime, we have to just go along, episode by episode, and hope for the best.

There was plenty of happiness in this episode, too, most especially because yet another person may be on the road to true love, and because an upstairs-downstairs problem is resolved, right on the verge of exploding.  But the ebbing of this way of life is in full flow, and provides an evocative backdrop to the personal stories, which are all uniquely appealing and commanding in their own ways.

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