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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Heroes Reborn 1.12: Penultimate

Well, the news has come that Heroes Reborn won't be back for a second season on NBC - ratings are low, most critics don't like it, blah blah blah.  Although the series was slow to start, it's gotten better with every episode, and this week's penultimate hour was, I thought, outstanding in many ways.

We finally get the back story of Erica, and it was thoroughly satisfying, including bringing in the memory erasing man - for some reason, one of my favorites of the Reborn line-up - to explain what happened with Erica's daughter.  On the subject of mind-manipulation, Parkman gets his just deserts, which provides a nice dessert for his part of the story.

And speaking of justice, Joanne finally gets what's due her, appropriately by Luke, just after a really cool saving of Malina from Joanne's bullets by invisible Farah getting in front of Malina at just the right moment.   This kind of action has been happening throughout the series, and is one of the reasons I like Heroes Reborn - in many ways certainly better than the end of the original Heroes (that's right).   It's a different kind of story telling.

But Heroes Reborn has actually done an excellent job integrating characters from Heroes, with Micah - older, of course, and played by an older Noah Gray-Cabey - playing a pivotally heroic communications role in the story.   We even get a picture of Claire - her first appearance in the reborn series - and my biggest regret about Heroes Reborn is that we couldn't also have seen a few minutes of her on the screen.

It all ends - possibly for good, though I hope not - with the series finale next week.  I predict, that as time passes, Heroes Reborn will be recognized for the gem that it is - a little flawed, yeah, maybe very flawed in places, but a unique of kind of complex fast-paced mosaic narrative seen nowhere else on any size screen.

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