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Friday, January 15, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.3: Sneak Preview Review

Back with a review of the next episode of Downton Abbey - 6.3 - to air on PBS this Sunday.  As always with these preview reviews, I'll talk in generalities, and mention no specific people.  But if you prefer not to get even an inkling of what will be on the screen this Sunday, read on no further.

Episode 6.3 is, by my recollection, one of the most joyful hours ever on Downton Abbey.   The crises, none of which were that serious in the first place, were all resolved, save one.   And we were treated to at least four pieces of really good news:

1.  Good news for one of our couples, who have never seemed happier.

2. Good news for another one of our couples, who, for different reasons than the above, have also never seemed happier.

And if that double dose of sunshine wasn't enough -

3. Someone, who surely deserves it, may be on the beginning of finding love.

And, just for great measure -

4. There's a wonderful surprise at the very end of the episode.

Given that we're dealing with television drama, too much good news is always a source of concern, as the creators feel impelled to balance the good with more than a bit of heart break.   There's one crisis yet unresolved, but that doesn't seem too potentially heartbreaking.   There's another problem emerging, but that doesn't seem earth shattering, either.  The health of one of our major characters, however, could be a very upsetting issue.

So there's no reason to think it will all be smooth sailing ahead.  But, in the meantime, you can watch this Sunday's episode and really feel good about life and all it holds.

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