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Saturday, January 9, 2016

El Chapo - Narcos Connection?

The news just came through today that El Chapo was captured because he was attempting to get word out to potential producers to make a bio-pic about his life, and the Mexican Marines picked up on this.

Which led me to think:  Was Narcos, released this past summer on Netflx, what got El Chapo started on thinking he would be a good subject for a movie?   After all, El Chapo likely sees himself as the successor to Pablo Escabar, the Columbian drug lord who was the subject of Narcos.

And El Chapo does have a great, cinematic story.  The tunnel, almost a mile long, which he used to escape was a real feat of engineering.  Ironically, his capture now will made him an even more fitting subject for a movie or TV series, providing an ending with much more closure.

TV and motion pictures have often been criticized for glorifying crime.  But Narcos on Netflix could be an example of just the opposite in its ultimate effect.

Score another accolade for Netflix and its live streaming.   Between Making a Murderer (a documentary) and Narcos, these new television series are having a real impact on our world.

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