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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Outlander 2.2: The King and the Forest

One of the features of Outlander that I'm not a big fan of are the gross depictions of life in the mid-1700s.   I suppose this makes the narrative more realistic and literally colorful, but I could live without it, and prefer my history through rosier glasses.

In Outlander 2.2, we get a long few minutes of this with the King of France on the commode, or whatever they called it back then, with no results.   Jaime suggests poritch aka porridge as an aid, in this case displaying knowledge as much from Scotland as from the future, and so it goes.

Of much greater interest is Claire's low-cut, voluminous dress, which she designed herself.  The costuming in this series is universally excellent, and Claire's dress draws much deserved attention and appreciation.   The French court is aptly portrayed as rife with erotic tension.

The most serious erotic tension, though, is between Claire and Jaime, as he struggles to overcome the trauma of his rape by Black Jack.   The best scene between them is when Jamie discovers that Claire has shaved her "lovely forest," and she asks him with just the right of amount of seduction and a touch of uncertainty if he likes it.   (The actors are just superb in these scenes.)  Jamie (of course) very much does, but even this new element is not enough to shake up the corner of his head that Black Jack now inhabits.

The revelation that Black Jack is alive seems unlikely to help with this, but ironically may be just what Jamie needs.  Nightmares wield their greatest power when we cannot confront them in reality.

The introduction of Black Jack's younger brother will no doubt pave the way for this confrontation. But speaking of Black Jack and his relatives, I'd still like to see more of Claire and Black Jack's descendant in the 20th century.

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