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Friday, April 1, 2016

Banshee Season 4 Debut: Whodunnit?

Banshee was back tonight for the start of its final season on Cinemax with a great new plot with just about every important player in a new position.  Read no further if you'd like no spoilers.

Rebecca has been murdered, not too far from where Hood has been living the hermit's life for the past 18 months.  This, in fact, is the only part of this debut that I deeply regret.  Rebecca was one of my favorite characters on the show, and I'd much prefer seeing this last season with her alive, and not knowing her fate until the very end.  As it is, we'll have no make do with flashbacks, which are pretty good, given that Rebecca is so striking on screen even in retrospects.

But all the other changes are top-notch.   Kai is Mayor of Banshee - love it - and Brock is sheriff, which is pretty cool, too.   Both have all kinds of plot possibilities. There's also a hot new deputy. Meanwhile, the white-supremacist turned deputy last year is back in the same position, but now he's sleeping with his brother's wife, who also is a violent lunatic.   Welcome to the club, and there will no doubt be some powerful stories ahead in this sector.

Job is missing, which means he'll sooner or later turn up - he can't be dead, as Hood may think - and this will no doubt be at the most opportune time.  About the only person still where she was last season is Carrie, who we see in a flashback being furious at Hood's giving up on Job, after an unsuccessful attempt to find out where Job is.

Clay actually is where is he was last season, too - though protecting Kai as both Mayor and Amish mobster now - and that's good to see, too, since he along with Rebecca are my favorite characters.

So who killed Rebecca? That's what Hood and Kai and everyone in the audience wants to know.  The question now is: have we already seen the killer, or is he or she yet to be introduced?  The most likely killer now is the guy whose wife is in his bed with his brother - he has the violent profile, but he's too easy a choice at this point.  I have a few suspicions as to who the killer could be - but all I'll say now is that I'm pretty sure we've already seen him.

One last point: any chance that that's not really Rebecca lying there?  I'd say, sadly, no - unless she has twin sister we don't know about it, highly unlikely.

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