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Friday, April 22, 2016

Vikings 4.10: "God Bless Paris"

Vikings ended the first part of its 4th season last night with a brilliant episode that ended one story and opened up another.

The Paris story has been my favorite, as I've said many times, every since it began last year.  Last night pitted Rollo at his civilized/savage best against Ragnar, not as his best, with two brave, powerful forces.   Without Rollo, the French would have lost.  With Rollo, the French just manage to get a victory, but one which sends the Vikings - or the Vikings not French - back to Scandinavia.

The point is that Rollo is still a Viking deep down, even as he has wholeheartedly accepted that he must be the one to defend the French.  That's what love of a woman, more than love of a civilization, did for Rollo.   But no Frenchman would have put a sword though his second-in-command, who dared to suggest retreat.  That sword was pure Viking.   And our knowing that makes Rollo's "God Bless Paris," delivered in Latin, bloodied, and barely able to stand, all the more impressive.

Meanwhile, and years later, the introduction of Ragnar's sons as young adults was great to see.   Ragnar's apparent reclamation of his authority, after he returns from years of unexplained absence, was also one of the best scenes in the series.

Questions remain for the second part of the season.   What happened to Lagertha, badly wounded as she attempted to come to Ragnar's help, as Rollo was beginning to get the better of him?   What's the story in England, with Ecbert moving into an ever more powerful position?   There are hints of what's to come, with Bjorn calling upon Floki to help get to the Mediterranean.   And, of course, history tells us that the Vikings will reach Iceland, Greenland, and North America, as well.

Lots of great stories ahead.  I'm looking forward to this superb series taking its time and years and years to tell them.

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