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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Banshee 4.2: Carrie and Rebecca

The biggest reveal for me in Banshee 4.2 was the realization that Carrie and Rebecca look very similar, mainly because Carrie has been made to look much more like Rebecca than she has in previous seasons.  I'm too lazy to look for photos or take screen shots, but see for yourself in episode 4.2.

And this, in turn, leads me to a completely different hypothesis about who killed Rebecca:  maybe the intended victim was Carrie, and the killer got Rebecca by mistake.   We see Rebecca almost killed in 4.2, and she certainly has plenty of enemies, but putting Carrie into the target zone opens up all kinds of additional possibilities.

Meanwhile, it's of course good to see that Job is alive, if not entirely kicking as of yet.   His survival couldn't be a surprise, seeing as how much Hood has been tormenting himself about Job's presumed death and Hood's doing nothing about it - as of course everyone around Hood has been joining in with the refrain of why did you stop looking for Job.  Given that set-up, Job just had to be alive.

As to what Job will do once he escapes, that's a wide-open question, though there have been plenty of hints that his ordeal may have cured him of his devotion to Hood.  But you know what?  I don't quite believe that's the way its going to go down, either.

Back to what the characters look like - I think Hood looked better in previous seasons, but what do I know?  While I'm complaining, I also miss Siobhan more than I expected, though the new deputy shows some promise.   Fortunately, Proctor and Burton look the same, and that's reassuring, as the last season of Banshee moves into higher gear.

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