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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Banshee 4.3: Serial Killers and Theories

Banshee gave us the new Book of Job - or at least, Job, back, sense of sarcasm still much intact, after an ordeal that only he could survive.

The gunfight which won him his freedom was also top-drawer, with one big drawback, though, that I find not very explicable.  If our heroes knew that the bad guys were going to take the money and kill them, then why bring the money in the first place?   Why not just put a few real bills over a stack of white paper in  a suitcase, and then shoot the bejesus out of the bad guys when they discovered this?

Otherwise, though, a pretty good episode, especially with Proctor and the young woman he helps by bringing her back to Rebecca's room.   In many ways, Proctor is the most powerful character in this series - and that's saying a lot, because the show is filled with charismatic powerhouses - and part of his appeal is the way his wounded, even twisted humanity sometimes peeks almost angelically through.

But back to the murder at hand.  I don't think Rebecca's killer is just the serial killer we're beginning to see at large.  At least, I hope not.  That would be too easy.  But possibility the real killer is using the serial killer as a cover.   Or the real killer is doing the serial killings to distract from his (though, who knows, possible her) killing of Rebecca (and I still think Carrie could have been the intended victim).

The killer is certainly not Hood.  We of course already know how his blood got in the car.   But did  I hear something from Brock about Hood's semen being in Rebecca?   Possibly she slept with him as part of her good efforts to nurse him back to health after he saved her life - but wasn't that too long ago for any semen to still be in evidence?   We'll have to see - maybe I misheard.

Meanwhile, the white supremacists are moving along as expected - though I've got to say that, at this point, they're not as fearsome an adversary as Rabbit or even the Native Americans at their zenith.   Looking forward, in any case, to more next week.

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