Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Who Was It?

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was about as good as a season finale can get - with a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers.

First, we of course all know or have heard about who dies at this juncture in the comics which are the source of this television series.  But the series has diverged from the comics before, and could do so again.

So who are our candidates for Negan's bat?  We know it can't be Carole or Morgan, because they're not on their knees, and in fact represent the only chance for our heroic characters in the future.   It could be one of the lesser-known characters, and that would be good, because it would cause much less pain, but the history of The Walking Dead says that's not going to happen (though it would be nice twist if it did, just saying).

It's not Carl, because Negan has threatened to cut his other eye out, if anyone overly objects to Negan carrying out his killing, and feed that eye to Rick, which means it can't be Rick, either.

So that leave all of other major characters on their knees.  Glenn is the victim in the comics, and he seems likely to be the target here, because he did break out of formation when Maggie was threatened - even though Negan said he understood the emotional moment - and it looked as if Negan may have deliberately skipped past Glenn when Negan was reciting his "Eeny, meany" on the way to selecting the final recipient of his horrendous, lethal lesson.

So, ok, Glenn is the most likely, in this post-apocalyptic update of Who Shot J.R.?   Now it's not who tried to do the killing, not even who did the killing, but whom did the killer kill?

As another question, I'm wondering if the victim has already been selected, or if that will happen as the next season begins to take shape on paper (or actually, in words on the screen)?   Or perhaps the victim has already been selected, but that decision can be changed?

In any case, I'm hoping it's Abraham not Glenn.  Both have been living on borrowed time.  Abraham has recently found true love, so that makes him a suitably poignant candidate.  It's most likely Glenn, but I'm pulling for Abraham.

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