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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Outlander 2.9: Flashbacks of the Future

A quiet Outlander 2.9 last night - strange, given that the venue was war, and preparation for it - in which a significant part of the story is Claire flashing back to when she was in the war in the 1940s, that is, World War II.

This puts her a few years before we meet her with Frank after the war, and it's fun to see her young and perkier, except when she becomes literally shell-shocked in the deadly action.  Her mental trip back 200 years in the future to the Second World War is occasioned by Jamie doing his best to train a Scot brigade to attack the English.

And that's pretty much where the story for this hour ends.   We're still at the brink of battles which will determine whether Claire's voyage back in time can change history in Jamie and the Scots' favor. We already know what Claire, who has seen the other side of this history in which the English prevail, thinks of these efforts.   And we've already seen Claire going back to the future, pregnant presumably with Jamie's child, something she said she would do only if Jamie were dead.

So what will happen in the upcoming battle?   The obvious answer is that the Scots will lose and Jamie will be killed - or, at least, Claire will think that's what happened.   But killing Jamie will kill the very fabric of this story, and Claire thinking he's dead when he's really alive is a fairly trite move, one which I hope this series doesn't pull.

With all that in mind, it will be especially good to see how all or even most of this is resolved.  And I wouldn't mind another look at Claire and Frank in America in the 1950s where - who knows - maybe she'll run into a mad scientist with a time machine.

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