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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Game of Thrones 6.8: Strategic Advantage

A strategically satisfying Game of Thrones 6.8 tonight, in which the game is played to better effect on multiple fronts than it often is.

My favorite was Jaime's retaking of the castle from the Blackfish, with one of the best interactions of Jaime and Brienne that we've seen so far in the series thrown into the bargain.  With all their knightly courtesy and regretful promises to fight each other if need be, this seemed for all the world like a passage from King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable.  And that parting scene with Jaime waving to Brienne as she moved down the river was an especially memorable little icing on this cake.

Arya had one of the best nights in years, too.   Her seeking refuge with the Game of Thrones play-within-a-play Shakespearean troupe and its deadly outcome for the actress in this troupe playing Cersei was a perfect parable about the dangers of mixing reality and fantasy, truth and fiction, which could provide a good lesson for our lives in general.

And Cersei herself has an excellent night, finally getting something of the upper hand over that sanctimonious Sparrow, courtesy of that huge, super knight she has at her disposal.  The fly in her ointment in that too-good son of hers, but as irritating as he is, he's still preferable to his late older brother.

The joke session with Tyrion, the unsullied head, and Daenerys's chief assistant was also a gem, with some pretty good jokes and meta-jokes thrown onto the floor.   And what more could you ask for than Daenerys herself delivered to the top of the pyramid by her dragon at just the right moment.

Not much going in the bitter north tonight, but lots is clicking into place in all parts south, and the coming attractions promise of big battle for Winterfell next week.

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"I was here, in Carthage, three months from now." 


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