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Monday, June 20, 2016

Game of Thrones 6.9: A Night for the Light

One of the best Game of Thrones episodes in the entire series tonight - 6.9 - in which the forces of good, or at least, much better than their enemies, finally win all around.

In one of the best protracted battle scenes of the series, Jon Snow and the wildings, with a last minute assist of cavalry courtesy of Sansa, finally beat the despicable Ramsey Bolton.   Just in case we forgot how despicable he is, Ramsey first kills young Rickon, and puts the final arrow in the eye of the giant to bring him down. He was such a hateful character that I felt not even the minuscule glimmer of regret I had when the Swede was rightfully hung in Hell on Wheels - no, I was just glad to see Ramsey dispatched for good by his own starving hounds that Sansa set upon him.

The coming attractions had interesting postscript - what price has Jon Snow paid for being bought back from the dead, what he has really become?   My guess he's become a version of what we briefly saw was the case with Melisandre earlier this season - a Lord-knows-how-old woman who looks just a fraction of her age.   She invoked that power to bring back Jon Snow, who will likely now age on the inside, in reality, while maintaining his youth of the outside.  (I haven't read beyond the first novel, so we'll just have to see next week and next season.)

Meanwhile, tonight also had the best dragons in action so far.   As has been clear from the beginning, the ultimate battle will not be between Daenerys and the seven kingdoms, but between the fire of her immense and supple dragons and the white, cold death of the north beyond the wall.   In such a battle, humans will almost become an afterthought.

But there's a lot more to come before that, and next week should top off what may be the best season of Game of Thrones, even better than the first.

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"I was here, in Carthage, three months from now." 


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