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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Flaw in Bernie Sanders' Speech Last Night

I actually thought Bernie Sanders' speech last night in California was pretty good, with the exception of one crucial point.

When he pledged to "continue the fight," he was ambiguous as to whom that fight would be against.

He said it would be against Trump, which is exactly what the country needs.  But he also said that the fight would be part of the nomination contest - even though that contest has now been decisively decided in favor of Hillary, by millions of votes, and huge leads in pledged and super delegates, including in California last night.

This distinction is important, especially in the weeks ahead.   Bernie's power and eloquence will be a crucial component of the fight against Trump, the most destructive and toxic nominee for President by a major party in my lifetime.   What is the point of directing even an iota of Bernie's attack and influence against Hillary Clinton, the only person who now stands between Trump and the White House?

In addition to all of that, Bernie is highly unlikely to win or even do passably well in the last primary, in the District of Columbia, next week.   What he should be campaigning for, between now and then, as well as after, is a Democratic platform that marshals the greatest number of voters against Trump.

Based on his speech, Bernie is almost there.   I hope he moves the final piece into place, and puts Trump and only Trump into the focus his attack, as soon as possible.

Our country and the world need this.

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