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Monday, August 22, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead 2.8: Nick and the Talking Dead, Literally

Fear the Walking Dead returned for the second part of its second season, with an episode - 2.8 - that featured Nick and a few of the best scenes we've seen in either of The Walking Dead series.

The very best, for me, was Nick walking with the walking dead, and imagining them speaking to him, gradually more discernibly, until we literally had the talking dead, but with no Chris Hardwick.   Now it would've been a wild change indeed if somehow some of the dead were indeed able to talk, and you never know completely with these shows, but the speaking in Nick's imagination was wild enough in itself.

We already knew, from earlier in the season, that Nick walked with the dead, and feels a sort of kinship to them.  But seeing him walk with them, experiencing this from the inside out, was impressive and memorable.   The way he got there was, too.  He's limping not because he's putting on the gait of the dead, but because he was bitten in the leg by a savage dog.  And, in the end, he can't even keep up the with the dead.  He's not stronger than the walkers, but in a real sense weaker, and his collapse on the highway made perfect sense.  It's saying, in effect, that the dead are in some sense stronger, less vulnerable, than the living - something we already knew from The Walking Dead, but never saw so clearly before with our very eyes on the screen.

The ending of this episode, though happy, was also the one trite element in this hour.  I mean, how many times are we going to see one of our heroes end of up in a town that looks like a piece of paradise in this infected world?

On the other hand, given what Trump thinks of Mexicans in our own real world, this happy ending was a tonic and good to see.   And I'll be back here with more as the season progresses.

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