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Monday, August 29, 2016

Murder in the First 3.9: Siletti

Well, as I've been saying all season, the best story in Murder in the First this summer is not a case of murder in the first, but of drunk driving manslaughter, committed - if he's found guilty - by the main prosecutor on the series, until this season, Mario Siletti.

And Siletti wrapped it up just beautifully last night, in the next-to-last episode of the season.  No one likes him - including, significantly, his own lawyer, who rips up the check Siletti gives him and says never call me again - and that's precisely what makes Siletti so appealing as a character.  He does whatever is needed, including taking down and embarrassing anyone required, to secure his own position.  And it looks like his strategy paid off, big time.

In all fairness to Siletti, he was almost done in by his lover, who turned around and prosecuted him for manslaughter after the two made love in the bathroom.  So she got what he deserved.  And his lawyer - just brilliantly played by Michael Gaston (and hey, all the acting on the show is outstanding) - is no angel, either.  He was willing to do whatever was needed to get his client acquitted.  What burned him in the end was not being let in on Siletti's plan - even though he realized that his surprise had to be real, not feigned in the slightest, for it to work for Siletti.

If there is a fourth season - yet to be announced, but I sure hope there is - then Siletti will make a great defense attorney in whatever murder cases come up then.  The series has really excelled in defense attorneys - including, as I said, Gaston's character - and Siletti will make a fine addition to this cunning crew.

Meanwhile, Terry and Hildy are, predictably, heading towards a better, fuller relationship - but that's good to see, too.  Looking forward to the season finale, and more next summer.

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