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Monday, August 22, 2016

Murder in the First 3.8: True Love

A tender moment in the usually tough as nails Murder in the First 3.8 last night, an episode in which love or some facsimile figured prominently in a variety of places.

The tender moment came when Hildy tells Terry "I love you," after Terry apologizes to her, on the advice of his shrink (played by NYPD Blue's Kim Delaney - yes!) who wisely asks him, "do you want to be right or happy?"   That was one of the best lines in this series, which has had plenty of good lines this season.

Personally, I agree with Terry, but the psychologist's advice makes a lot of sense. I'm also thinking that now that Lt. Koto knows what it's like to begin falling in love with someone whom maybe he shouldn't, and who is murdered no less, maybe he'll be more understanding about Terry and Hildy and let them work together as partners whatever they may want to do in life and bed. I certainly hope so.

Love also played a role in Siletti's trial, which had the best courtroom drama so far this season. Siletti's wife outing Melissa Danson and Siltetti - as per Siletti's plan - was a good idea, even if it did anger Siletti's otherwise unflappable lawyer.  But the mistrial certainly shakes things up, and it's not a certainty he will be retried, despite what the judge growled.   So did Siletti's wife do this out of love for her husband.  Well, sort of ...

Meanwhile, perverted love, as in the father and daughter incest kind, likely figured in the main murder case of the season - the Normandy murder - as we found out last night.  I've actually been enjoying the Siletti case  more than the Normandy, but that's ok, because there's still room for something shocking to happen or be revealed in those twisted doings.

In the sense that the secondary case has been more riveting than the primary, this third season of Murder in the First is unique.  After all, there's no charge of murder in the first against Siletti.  But that makes this season all the more interesting.

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