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Monday, August 22, 2016

Ray Donovan 4.9: The Ultimate Fix

Not much in the way of great music, karaoke-d or otherwise, in Ray Donovan 4.9 last night, but a great episode anyway, with one of the all-time best endings for an hour on this series.

Ray is the ultimate fixer.  And the last scene presents him with one of most literally out-of-the-blue circumstances in need of fixing: The Russians have Avi.   What they want to save his life is Sonia, whom Ray has just put on a plane that we see take off and now well into the air, thanks to a perfectly executed ploy by Lena, who baits the Russian hitman into thinking she's Sonia, and then kills him as he's about to shoot her.   Nice piece of work, indeed - but what will Ray do now?

I suppose Avi is expendable, but Ray doesn't think so, and neither do I and I bet most of the many fans of the show.   But how will Ray get Sonia back and into Russian hands that want to kill her?

Sonia doesn't have much longer to live, anyway, and Ray and we know this.   But when you're dying, every moment is precious.   Can Ray talk Sonia into turning herself over to the Russians to save Avi? I just don't quite see this happening.

Meanwhile, Mickey continues having his best season ever, which is saying a lot, because he's been great in every season.  Apropos the lack of great music, he's lost another love of his life with the killing of the singer.   Unlike other Mickey situations, there's nothing the least bit ambiguous about this - we can only feel bad for him.

On the bright side, the trauma of Nevada has brought Teresa back into her own.   She saved Mickey, and told him how sorry she felt about his loss.   It looks like Terry may be in for some romance, too, and that's also good to see.

But Ray will need to move Heaven and Earth to save Avi, and he won't have Avi's help to do it.

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