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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tyrant 3.6: Alive

A rare Tyrant 3.6 this past week, in which almost no major character was killed.

Al-Qadi did have a pretty close call, at the hands of Ihab Rashid, who is stopped at the last minute by a wiser, more ingeniously devious Caliphate leader.  And the plan worked, putting Al-Qadi, who was one of Abuddin's best hopes for reconciliation, right in the cross-hairs of Bassam's rage.

This whole season, as I've mentioned before, can be seen as a story of how Barry is inexorably becoming more like his now late brother, and the true tyrant in this saga.  About all Bassam has going for him now is a son who does love him, and Daliya, who, I was very glad to see, wants very much to continue her relationship with Bassam.

She was also almost killed in this episode - good thing she wasn't - in the bomb that took Bassam's murderous butler or chief aide, or whatever exactly he was.   He certainly had it coming, given his killing of poor Nusrat, and I wouldn't consider him quite a major character, which is why I said almost none were killed in 3.6.

But back to Daliya, there's still a big loose end which can hurt Bassam, since Fauzi still does not know about Daliya and Bassam.  In a satisfying scene, she broke the news to Fauzi that he'd be ill-advised to wait for you her, and he took it pretty well, but there's no telling what seeing or hearing about Daliya in Bassam's arms will evoke in Fauzi, and there's obviously a lot of pent-up dynamite to explode.

Sammy knows about his father and Daliya, but he has no connection to Fauzi and won't tell him even if he did.   But ... what about Leila?   She also has her suspicions, and who knows what she might do and unleash to further her ambitions.

Good viewing ahead.

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