Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cafe du Lievre and Twice Upon a Rhyme

I think my favorite cafe in the world is the Cafe du Lievre, in Inokashira Forest, in Tokyo.  I've never had the pleasure of dining there - though I hope to some day - but...

Well, the cafe has been playing my songs - hey, baby, they're playing our song - from my Twice Upon a Rhyme album, and, come to think of it, from my Spun Dreams album, too, for more than a year.   So far, as far as can tell, patrons haven't been running out of the cafe in horror, so I take that as a good sign.

But it brings me pleasure no end to think that all of those songs, written for the most part in the late 1960s and recorded just a few years later, are now enjoying a life of the ear in this cafe on the other side of world.   Japan has already played a crucial role in my musical re-discovery, with the review of Twice Upon a Rhyme by Taro Miyasugi in Record Collectors Magazine at the turn of the 21st century - "human mystical pop music ... wonderful songs" - really jumpstarting this resurgence of interest (though I'm not sure how much there was in the first place) which is still going on.

Thanks Cafe du Lievre - having seen your taste in music, you can count on me one of these showing up and sampling your taste in food!

with original Twice Upon a Rhyme guitarist Peter Rosenthal, August 2015
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