Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rectify 4.4: Slow Motion

I just want to go on record as saying that, as of episode 4.4, I think Rectify is moving too slowly in furthering its crucial central story.

That story, of course, is the story that is lurking behind every episode, every scene just about, in this superb and unique series.  Did Daniel kill Hanna?

Episode 4.4 was excellent in many ways.  Daniel and Chloe were beautiful, even heart warming, together.   The Holden family thinking of selling the business was good to see.  Even Tawney in the hospital, and what it taught her - though a little obvious - worked well.  The conversation from everyone, but especially Daniel, was sage and droll, just as we've come to expect, and one of the hallmarks of this fine show.

But other than Jon giving us just a soupcon of his investigation, if you can even it that at this point, we got none of the pressing, transcendent issue.   Did Daniel kill Hanna?

Maybe the producers are trying to tell us that, ultimately, Rectify is not the story of whether Daniel is guilty or innocent, but the story of this incredibly sensitive man, a poet in his soul, on death row for so many years, and now out in a world which both fascinates and repels him.   There's no doubt that Rectify is that riveting story, and many other stories, too, but none of those are mutually exclusive with learning, at last, if Daniel killed Hanna.  And all of those are brought into sharper focus by the question of Daniel's guilt or innocence.

I'm looking forward to, if not complete closure, at least some very substantial progress on that question before this remarkable series concludes.

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