Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Man Not in the Audience

You've probably heard all about this already.  Last night, VP-Elect Pence took in a performance of Hamilton, and received some heartfelt advice from the cast.   This morning, President-elect Trump, apparently not appreciating that advice at all, asked the cast to apologize - asked via Tweet, no surprise.  You can read the details, as well as the Tweet, and see a video of the cast addressing Pence, over here.

But it's no surprise, either, that Trump did this.   It will certainly not be the worst thing he'll say as President-elect and do as President - sadly, not by a long long shot - but it demonstrates, vividly, yet again, that winning the Electoral College vote has not made him a better man.

I guess that depends upon how far you have to go to become a better person - where you're starting from. Trump, judging by his campaign and the many things he said during the past year and more, started pretty low.  Still, there was hope that even someone like Trump could be lifted by the awesome responsibility with which he's been entrusted.

I tend to be an optimist.   I'm always hopeful that someone placed in a position of power will see and summon wisdom not apparent before assuming that new position.   I extend this not only to the President-elect but his appointees so far.

But, if those appointees are any indication, and those tweets certainly are, we - America, the world, all good people who cherish freedom - are going to be in a very rough time of it.   The President-elect, just in the brief time since he's been in that position, has lashed out not only at the theater but The New York Times.   He's obviously uncomfortable with all media, other than the ones he controls. Our First Amendment will be in for the testing of its lifetime.

my thoughts about how Trump came to win the election - & 1st Amendment
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