Thursday, November 10, 2016

President-Elect Trump Shows His True Colors - Already

Didn't take long.  Those two tweets by Trump say it all.  Anyone who was hoping that being elected President might have changed him, now has an answer: it hasn't.

He's still a little man, with a skin the thinnest of which we've never seen in public office, let alone the Oval Office.

Hours after Trump has a meeting with Obama, in which the two were gracious, even heartening, Trump can't contain himself about the protests erupting all over America.

They weren't incited by the media, Mr. President-Elect.  They were incited by your outrageous, bigoted, vicious pronouncements made in such abundance throughout your campaign.  And maybe a little by the fact that the majority of the American people did not vote for you.

And you know wha else?  Those protesters are the best America has to offer, and they are protected in the protests by the First Amendment.

Ever hear of that?  Sure you have - I heard you complaining during the campaign that you think our First Amendment gives the media too much protection.   Better get used to it - it's here to stay, as are the media.

And as you are not.  The four years will pass very quickly, and you'll be voted out of office.  
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