Friday, November 25, 2016

Rectify 4.5: Temper

What did we learn about Daniel's guilt or innocence in Hanna's murder in Rectify 4.5? He has a temper.

We of course knew this before, and seeing it demonstrated, again, has the effect of keeping his possible culpability in Hanna's murder in the mix.   It doesn't matter that Daniel's anger was justified last night, and that he was only standing up for his own human dignity.  The takeaway still is that he's given to rage.

As always, though, we have no way of knowing if the rage existed before Daniel went to prison, or because of it.   Certainly what happened to him in prison contributed to his rage at someone masturbating in his presence in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, his erstwhile lawyer continues, at a snail's pace, to pursue the evidence.  And Hanna's brother has come to realize that there's a more likely murderer of his sister than Daniel.

Families and relationships have been what this series has always been about, and most have either shattered or on the edge of falling apart.  The end of Tawney and Ted Jr was especially touching this week, and the conversations between Janet and Ted Sr were a close second.   Who has the best relationship amidst all this unhappiness?

That would probably be Daniel and Chloe, which not only lends a ray of hope to the series, but makes Daniel being innocent of Hanna's murder even more important.

Looking forward to some resolution in the concluding episodes.

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