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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Somewhere Between: Frequency meets Awake

Somewhere Between debuted on ABC tonight.  It has possibilities, including exploration of time travel, always one of my favorite kinds of narrative.

The set-up is Laura Price, whose eight-year daughter is killed by a serial killer she's pursuing as a broadcast journalist.   Laura's understandably more than distraught, and seeks to drown herself off-shore.  But instead she comes to and finds herself back in time, about a week before her daughter was murdered.

So Somewhere Between has some immediate similarities with Frequency (movie and TV series), though at this point it's much less scientific or or even pseudo-scientific.  And it also bears some resemblance to Awake, and its story of a police detective living in two parallel realities, because unlike Frequency and its ham radio, Somewhere Between has no mechanism to explain the time travel.

At least, not yet.  The one thing we know is that Laura's trip back in time happened when she tried to take her own life, at the same time as Nico - a former cop - is being thrown in the same or very nearby water, bound, i.e., in an attempt by some people to kill him.  And just to up that ante even more, Nico's brother is at that very moment being administered a lethal injection in a long delayed capital punishment.

So Laura's jump back in time is in some way connected to or occasioned by two other attempts to take human life at that very moment - attempts made on the lives of two brothers.  Laura, by the way, is played by Paula Patton, who was excellent in Deja Vu, the 2006 time travel movie which I consider among the top five in the genre (I'm taking the Back to the Future trilogy as one movie in that counting).

That's more than enough for me to watch the second episode of Somewhere Between in its regular time tomorrow night, when I'll report back with another review.

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