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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Game of Thrones 7.2: Vikings and Strategies

Game of Thrones 7.2 had lots of great intrigue and plotting, capped off with a top-notch battle at sea - the opening salvo in the wars ahead.

Euron is played by a Scandinavian, and makes a hell of a blood-thirsty Viking.  This Greyjoy brings no joy to his kin and opponents, and the result is a notable setback for Daenerys and all allied with her. That includes, or will likely soon include, Jon Snow, who is on his way to see her.  It includes the Tyrells, and Ellaria - but her power has now turned to, well, sand, given the success of Euron's attack.

So, on Cersei's side we now have Euron as well as a possible way to kill dragons.  On Daenerys's side we have most notably the dragons and Jon. Daenerys still has the advantage, but Euron has made it less than it was before.   (And I suppose the unsullied making love may have weakened him, too, alas.)

And there are two other significant developments afoot -

Arya's reunion with Nymeria promises important, unexpected heroism by the direhound in defense of Arya  in the future, even though she declined Arya's offer to come with her now.   It's good to see both back in the central action, with Arya heading back to Winterfell, and Nymeria just around, wherever she may be, somewhere.   She'll come raging into the scene with her wolves when Arya most needs her.

And Sam's brave attempt to cure Jorah of his greyscale was my favorite part of this episode.  I'm hoping that what happens is not that Jorah is cured (which will help Daenerys) and Sam gets the greyscale, though that would be an all-too logical outcome.  I'll be much happier if both survive.

This season 7 is starting out as one of the best of the series, and I'm looking forward to more.

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