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Monday, July 17, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return 1.10: "No Stars"

Twin Peaks: The Return 1.10 tonight concluded with a better than usual song, which is saying a lot, since those concluding songs are often the best part of the episode.  Tonight's song, sung by Rebekah Del Rio - who, I don't know, reminds me a little of Monica Lewinsky, was entitled "No Stars," a nice touch, since the episode has even more stars than usual, but who's counting.

One of those stars, Harry Dean Stanton, even sung a song himself, "Red River Valley," as one of our psycho bad guys left a river of blood in a nearby trailer.   There's no end to the evil on Twin Peaks, every bit as prevalent as the inscrutable.

As to the central plot, we're making maybe a little bit of progress with good Cooper recovering his identity.  At very least, coming with Jones' beautiful wife leaves him with a big grin on his face, which is the most emotion by far we've seen from this zombie in the past nine episodes.

The FBI is also making some small painstaking progress in getting on top or to the bottom of this, getting a crucial photograph of bad Cooper at the scene of a New York crime.   But the question still remains of when someone will make a breakthrough in either putting this all together, or, in good Cooper's case, realizing who he is.

I've been assuming all along that before The Return concludes, we'll have that epiphany, but for some reason, after tonight's episode, I'm not so sure.  No matter, as the long as the episodes keep concluding with outstanding songs in front of that red curtain.

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