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Monday, July 24, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return 1.11: Double Cherry Pie and Viva Las Vegas

Well, Agent Cooper finally got a piece of cherry pie in Twin Peaks: The Return 1.11 last night - in fact, two slices! - as well as his life being spared by Jim Belushi's character and his dream.  But, alas, even this double cherry pie is not enough to rouse Cooper out of his stupor.  He needs to "wake up!" as that little man from the other dimension told him now some number of episodes ago.

Because there's a lot happening.   Cole was nearly sucked up into an alternate dimension wormhole in the sky or whatever that was.   I was glad to see he emerged unscathed, his too-loud voice intact.  For some reason, I really like that loud voice.   I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean or lampoon - maybe the hard of hearing, which is not nice - but for some reason it strikes me as especially funny.

The scene with Truman and his deputy was also interesting.  Like the FBI, they seem to be beginning to close in on the truth of what is happening here.  But their progress is so slow it's unclear if they'll make it by the end of this season.

The music, like the cherry pie, was doubly good in this episode.  First, I've always really liked Shawn Colvin's rendition of "Viva Las Vegas" (I'm listening to the long version right now.)  I just wish they'd played a little more of it.  Second, was that Burt Bacharach at the piano at the very end? Tough to tell and probably not - I'm sure someone reading this will let me know - but it was fun to see even someone looking like Burt on the screen last night.

And I'll be back here with another short review after the next episode next week.

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