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Monday, October 23, 2017

Ray Donovan 5.11: I'm with Mickey

An unusually grim and searing Ray Donovan 5.11 tonight, and that's saying a mouthful, since Ray is if nothing grim and searing, and never more than in this season.   But tonight ...

I gotta say I'm with Daryll in not understanding what Ray has against Mickey, and with Mickey when he says he's not going to turn the cheek anymore.  Mickey out to get Ray is as profound an upheaval in this series as Abby's death, and for that reason it's a powerful move in the narrative.

But what indeed does Ray have against his father?  I know Mickey did nothing when his sons were molested, and through these seasons has often acted selfishly and put members of the family at risk.  But Mickey has also acted unselfishly, if not quite selflessly, and done extraordinary things on behalf of the family, including Ray.   Think about it.

So what are Ray's reasons for not pinning the murder of Frank on Avi, who is out of the country and relatively safe from FBI nabbing?  The only thing I can think of is that, by punishing Mickey, Ray is punishing himself for the guilt he feels in everything surrounding Abby's death.

And the irony is he shouldn't feel so guilty about that.   What he did to Bridget's boyfriend was reprehensible, but Ray did it to save his wife.   True, he was taking that ultimate decision out of her hands, but had the surgery saved her, isn't that what Abby would have wanted?

This season, with just one more episode to go, is shaping up as the most painful but best of the Ray Donovan seasons - because pain has aways been one of the mainstays of this story.

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