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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ray Donovan 5.10: Bunchy's Money

With just two episodes left to go, it makes sense that at least one crisis in the family Donovan this season has been resolved: in episode 5.9, Bunchy at last gets back his stolen money.

It took all three Donovan brothers to do it, with Terry saving Ray's life, and that was a memorable scene.  But was that enough to get Ray to forgive Terry for helping Abby take her life?  Or at least begin to come to terms with what Terry did?  Of course not.  Ray never forgives and rarely comes to terms with anything his older brother and father do or did.  Ray's a veritable Rock of Gibraltar when it comes to holding grudges, or at least, never forgetting.   He barely let Avi live, after all the years of service Avi had rendered, when he wasn't addicted and was Ray's always reliable aide-de-camp.

Which brings us to Samantha Winslow.  She has some sort of power over Ray - at least, enough for Ray not to put up more of a fight after she orders him to kill Doug Landry.  Why would Ray take anything she says seriously, especially an order to kill someone, or else?  Wouldn't Ray elect to kill her rather than be under her thumb that way?

That's my guess about he'll do, in the end.   In the meantime, he has to get Bridget out of jail, and do something about Dr. Bergstein, played by Kim Raver, whom I always think of as Audrey on 24, another incredibly irritating but well played character whom Jack Bauer would have been much better off without.

But I digress.  On Ray Donovan, crises and challenges are rarely resolved as easily as Bunchy getting back his money - and that wasn't easy at all.  I'll see you back here next week (and note that I'm invoking the 10-foot-pole rule and not talking about what happened to poor Mickey tonight).

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