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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Ray Donovan 5.12: New York

I was glad to see Ray Donovan - the person and the season, in the season 5 finale just aired - end up in New York.  That's where I live, and it's my favorite place in the world.  Non-stop energy.  Much better than Boston - I agree with Sam that Boston's an "ice cube of angry people" - and LA ain't even in the running.

As to what we saw in the very last scene.  Either (a) Ray's still on the roof, and imagining himself in the water with Abby, or (b) he's in the water, but he'll swim up and survive.  Because Ray is, if nothing else, a survivor.

But he is a lot of other things.  He remains a master fixer.  He killed the guy that Sam wanted him to kill, made it look like a suicide by hanging, but what about that actress who saw him get out of the elevator?  Ray may be a master fixer but he can never stay totally out of deadly trouble.

I liked the scene between Ray and the shrink.  I think Ray did the right thing.  He is what he is, and no shrink can ever change that.  I liked where Bunchy wound up, owning the bar, with his daughter and Abby's dog.  He'll find another woman who will love him.

Connor's a sad story.  He wasn't wrong about what Ray thinks about him.  But he's wrong about enlisting changing that.  I fear for the worst about Connor.

Mickey, on the other hand, has as much resilience and smarts as Ray.  Mickey didn't succeed tonight, but he won't take his fate quietly, and will no doubt come up with another plan to free himself and get Ray, or maybe just get Ray.

I can't remember every show of every season, but this season was considerably stronger than last year's, and may be the best we've seen so far.  Ray and New York are right for each other.  I'll see New York tomorrow, and look forward to more of Ray in New York next year.

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