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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Emergence 1.2: Cleaning Up

A good second episode of Emergence this week, in which the main action are the bad guys or superior people or people from the future or whoever they are trying to clean up all traces of what happened last week.

They do pretty well.  They hire a guy to bury the debris of the crashed plane out in the sea.  The erase all data for Piper in the hospital that first took her in.  They even liquidate the deceased couple - who died in the car last week after Piper (presumably) caused it to crash - before autopsies could be performed.

But Jo gets them - or, at least, their current agent - by taking advantage of the swirling magnetism in the crashed car, and positioning a mallet in the air so it hits the bad guy in the face.  This enables Jo and Chris to escape.  But Jo realizes they're not home safe just yet, not by a long shot.

So the mystery is becoming a little more clear.  The antagonists are not super powerful or super intelligent.   They have superior knowledge and technology.   And Piper doesn't seem to be bad.  She's a victim of all of this, in her own way, too.  Though, at this point in the narrative, anything is possible.  Piper could be an anti-hero, but we and she just don't know it, as yet.

After two episodes, Emergence seems most indebted to Stranger Things for its ambience and story.  But there are differences.  Emergence takes place in the present.  And, so far, there don't seem to be any monsters created or unleashed, other than the human kind.

See you here next week.

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